Dermalogica Skin Treatments

As a Professional Skin Therapist I have been working with Dermalogica for the past 16 years. I have been a Dermalogica Expert since 2012.Dermalogica was founded by a skin therapist, so we know how to create custom skin care solutions that work – not just today, but for life. I offer professional-grade skin care  products, and services to customers . As a skincare brand, they are dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation & professional recommendations.

Skin Health is achieved with expert advice, personalised treatments and professional homecare.

Dermalogica have create highly customised regimens and services for every individual, because we know that no two skin conditions are the same. Our products work best when they are recommended by a professional skin therapist for your unique skin. Whatever your lifestyle, background or environment, rest assured that Dermalogica will work for you. I’ve sorted my full selection of skin treatments into three categories so depending on your skin health you can choose treatments from any level.

Level one Skin Treatments ~ Customizable

(A good starting point or if you don’t have regular treatments)

Pro Skin 60 ~ €97

The ultimate customisable treatment, depending on your skin’s needs your treatment may include FaceMapping, double Cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, serum application, massage and masque.

Pro Skin 30 ~ €50

A shortened version of the above skin treatment, again 100% customized to suit your skins needs.

Nano Infusion ~ €110

Achieve smoother skin with this treatment that uses a unique device to maximise product penetration, includes LED

Level Two Skin Treatments~ Targeted

( Ready to push your skin to the next level?)

Pro Clear ~ €120

Your journey towards clear skin starts here, pore softening techniques, extractions and anti-bacterial, microbiome-balancing actives work together to clear and calm congested skin

Pro Calm ~ €120

Soothe and Strengthen sensitive skin. Soothing botanical actives provide relief while lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage help calm a stressed nervous system. This targeted treatment  helps to balance and restore the skin barrier for reduced sensitivity and calmer skin.

Pro Bright ~ €120

FadeDark spots and reveal brighter skin. This High-intensity treatment combines a brightening peel with an infusion of professional-grade Vitamin C, Niacinamide and hexylresorcinol adressing all pigmentation concern

Pro Firm ~ €120

A comprehensive facial workout. Firming and toning deep tissue massage are combined with re-texturising actives for visibly tighter skin

Lumun Infusion ~ €140

An Advanced skin service that combines a targeted retinol peel, nano infusion technology and LED red light therapy to improve skin luminosity. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles, instantly reveals glowing skin

Level Three Skin Treatments~ Advanced

( Consistent, regular skincare is paying off, are you ready for the big guns?)

ProSkin Peel 60 ~ €120

Resurface your skin and redefine luminosity with the ultimate and safe peel experience featuring AHAs and BHAs to instantly smooth fine lines , even pigmentation and target breakouts. This luxury peel experience also includes neck and shoulder massage and LED therapy. A 24 hour patch test is essential with this service.

ProSkin Peel 30 ~ €80

All the benefits of the above treatment without the massage or LED therapy. Patch test essential.

Microneedling ~ €155

A bespoke and tailored collagen stimulation therapy treatment that effectively stimulates the production of new collagen within your skin, helping to smooth fine lines, reduce pigmantation, smooth and refine pores and reveal plumper more youthful skin.

Pro Power Microneedling ~ €195

Looking to advance your skin treatments to the next level and invest in long-term results, combine the powerful resurfacing results of Pro Power resurfacing with the collagen regenerating affects of Microneedling.

CACI ~ €125

(Casey) World-leading Non-Surgical Face Lift, this advanced service uses unique microcurrent to lift and tone facial areas that are losing volume and definition

Venus Freeze ~ €100

Painless technology for non-surgical tightening of the face and neck

IPL Skin Rejuvenation ~€130

Tackle sun damage and hyperpigmentation for a more even skin texture and tone.

All level three facials (except Pro skin peel 30) include LED

Add Ons~ Enhancements

( Boost results with some optional added extras)

LED ~  €20

CACI Eye Lift ~ €50

Pro Power Eye Peel ~ €20

Retinol Booster ~ €20