Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30

Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30

Skin Perfect Primer from Dermalogica is a one of those products that is pretty much suited to all skin types. First and foremost this is a primer (make-up base) but I know a lot of people that like to use it as a light tinted day cream. Skin Perfect Primer’s light, velvety formula will even out your skin texture and create a soft, smooth base for foundation application. Using natural earth minerals it gives a neutral tint and visible luminosity. It also contains a broad spectrum sunscreen (SPF 30) that will protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Its potent peptide formula supports skin firmness and smooths fine lines and pores.

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 22ml

How to Use.
Apply a small pea sized amount of Skin Perfect Primer to your face and neck each morning after moisturising. It can be followed with foundation or worn alone.

Skin Perfect Primer is a make-up primer, sumscreen and treatment for skin ageing all in one. It has a silky feel and leaves your skin soft and luminous.

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