My Top Three Products

My Top Three Products

For anyone that knows me you will be fully aware of my skin care obsession, more specifically my Dermalogica obsession. I’ve been using Dermalogica products for 16 years now and will probably request to be buried with my favourite products when I die. Dermalogica stock over 100 products and I have more then likely tried them all over the years, but I’m a creature of habit and I have 3 core products that are never far from my hand.

No. 1 Super Rich Repair

Like the name says, it’s super, it’s rich and it repairs my skin, this is an uber rich moisturizer for dry and chronically dry skin designed to sooth and replenish the skin and defend against environmental damage. Suitable to use morning and evening, but it will need an SPF on top if you are using it daytime.  I love how soothed and protected my skin feels with it on and of course it gives my skin a nice healthy glow too. Find Super Rich Repair here

No. 2 Intensive Moisture Cleanser

You guessed it, my skin loves moisture, this is a luxurious creamy cleanser that I use morning and evening to clean my skin. It’s gentle and doesn’t strip away any natural oils, and leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft, clean and more luminous. Find Intensive Moisture Cleanser here, it’s available in two different sizes

No. 3 Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, for about 5 years I used this masque every single day ( I’ve reduced it down to twice a week now to make space for other products) This masque is a complete all rounder, it brightens, it hydrates,it’s packed with vitamins A, C & E to help fight signs of ageing and shield the skin from free radical damage. It also injects life back into your skin if you need a quick fix and the skin is
looking or feeling a little dull. For best results use after cleansing and exfoliating, if you can keep it on for 20mins, that’s great, but if not 10mins is good too. Aim to use it twice a week. You can find MultiVitamin power Recovery Masque here

My overall product use doesn’t stop at three products I also use, toners, eye cream, exfoliants, serums, SPF, the list is endless but I like to change these ones up depending on the season or my skin’s behavior.


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