Knowing your skin type

Knowing your skin type

You have run out of moisturiser, time to go online and pick up a new one. How do you choose? Do you go for the cheapest, the most expensive, the prettiest or will you be sensible and choose one based on your skin type, But wait! Do you know your skin type? Ideally, this is where I recommend that you go book a consultation with a professional therapist, but if this isn’t an option here is a helpful guide to make sure your moisturiser choice isn’t too far off the mark.
Our skin’s behaviour is what determines its type, opinion is divided on whether there are four or five skin types. ( Some professionals don’t count combination skin as a skin type) Generally, we all have the same skin type for life but we will experience many transient conditions throughout our life. For example you might feel like your skin is prone to dryness nowadays but as a teen you experienced oiliness and breakouts. Each skin type has certain characteristics, I’ll list them below and this will help you figure out what might be right for you.

Dry Skin
Dull, flakey, very few visible pores, can feel rough to touch, lines are visible, make up has a tendency to cake on dry skin.
Recommended Moisturiser: Intensive Moisture Balance or Super Rich Repair ( for more chronic dryness)

Oily Skin
Large pores, can look or feel greasy, high shine, prone to spots and blackheads.
Recommended Moisturiser: Active Moist

Sensitive Skin
High Colouring, reactive to environmental changes, prone to itching, burning and stinging, more likely to be dry.
Recommended Moisturiser : Cal Water Gel

Some areas may be dry or sensitive while others are oily or prone to breakouts.
Recommended Moisturiser: Skin Smoothing Cream

Not noticeably dry or oily, the skin’s sebum production is even, clear even colour, not too tight or oily.
Recommended Moisturiser: Bio-lumin C gel Moisturiser or Phyto Nature Oxygen Cream.


This is just a rough guide to take some of the confusion out of choosing products, ideally, you should consult with a professional skin therapist to get the very best advice on both products and treatments and most likely some samples to trial first. Click here to book your first Face Mapping skin consultation and begin your journey to skin health.


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