Beautiful Skin With LED

Beautiful Skin With LED

LED Phototherapy is a medically certified skin treatment that uses light wavelenghts to transform skin without pain or downtime. Phototherapy works on our skin in a similar way to how plants use photosynthesis to convert light energy. The light energy from LED supercharghes cell function and accelerates our rejuvenation and repair process.

Here in Skin Essence I use the Dermalux Flex MD which delivers clinically proven Blue, Red and Near Infrarred wavelenghts to boost collagen production, destroy acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing and relieve pain. A skin treatment from Dermalux is a relaxing, pain free experience with proven mood enhancing effects. It can be used as an add on (15 mins) to most skin treatments or as a stand alone service(30mins)

To optimise and accelerate results with LED I recommend an intensive course of 12 treatments taken in close succession (2-3 times per wk) this will supercharge your skin for visible and long lasting results. Each visit is approx 40mins long with 30mins of this time under the LED light. Combined with a professionally recommended skin care routine your skin will gradually improve with each session.


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