Everyone is looking for a cure or solution to their pigmentation ( hyperpigmentation). But before we look at some solutions that can help reduce or remove pigmentation it will be beneficial  to look at some causes or triggers.

No. 1  UV Exposure

The number one trigger for pigmentation is sun exposure and even if the pigmentation is caused by something other then sun exposure the sun will exasperate the problem. The solution, be sun smart, wear a minimum of SPF 30  365 days a year ( regardless of weather, temp or cloud cover). Top up your SPF every two hours during days of prolonged exposure, wear a hat too if possible. I recommend two fingers worth of SPF for face, neck and ears.

No. 2 Hormones

Unfortunately reproductive hormones can trigger pigmentation, this can happen during pregnancy, menopause or from using the contraceptive pill. Annoyingly this pigmentation does not always fade once the hormones settle. High cortisol levels due to stress are also thought to be a trigger.

No.3 Trauma

Breakout activity, mild trauma or injury to your skin can lead to Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation (PIH). This is pretty common but luckily  the most transient form of pigmentation. Once a spot clears up and is no longer raised on the skin or infected it can leave a mark on your skin, depending on melanin levels in your skin this can vary from a red to a brown spot of pigmentation. If you suffer with regular breakouts or acne this can lead to a very uneven and pigmented skin.


Now we know the causes of our pigmentation lets look at some of the solutions. First up, prevention, SPF is key, I’ve mentioned it already but I can’t stress this enough. Thorough SPF application will significantly reduce the chances of new pigmentation occurring. I’ll leave a list of recommended Dermalogica SPF products at the end.

Treatment of Pigmentation

For optimum results I’d recommend a two pronged approach, combining at home topical product use and in salon advanced aesthetics procedures.

Best Dermalogica Products to use at home for pigmentation

PowerBright Dark Spot Serum

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum

Bio Lumin C Serum

Clear Start Spot Fix

Retinol Clearing Oil

In salon treatments best suited to treating pigmentation

IPL Skin rejuvenation

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel


As always your first step is to make an appointment with  a professional skin therapist  to start your journey.

Recommended Dermalogica SPF’s

PowerBright SPF 50

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50

Protection 50 Sport

Invisible Physical SPF 30

Oil Free Matt SPF 30

Skin Perfect Primer

Prisma Protect


Thanks for reading,

Margaret x


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